Circular Economy & Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of our focus and we are always looking for ways to improve. We are committed to environmental and social impact and have partnered with ENSO to benchmark our sustainability performance and improve it. Click on the ENSO emblem below for more information about what we have achieved to date, and what are future plans include.

Seasonality and Locality

We prioritise using as many Irish ingredients & suppliers where possible, from our Spelt flour from Oak Forest Mills, to our packaging printers Screenlink Printers in Dublin 1 - among others.

We love to incorporate seasonal Irish fruit and vegetables into our bakes when we can, and run our kitchen with as little waste as possible. All our cake surplus is sold through Too Good To Go. 


We use recycled packaging and re-use or upcycle boxes for our wholesale orders, and source our raw ingredients in paper, cans or glass packaging as a priority. We still have a long way to go in becoming a zero plastic business but we see this as a central part of our future.

Empowerment & Inclusivity 

Our company prides itself on being a happy, safe space for staff and customers. We do our best to make everyone we're involved with, from employees, to delivery drivers, to suppliers and clients feel appreciated and empowered in work and in life. We are an equal opportunities employer and our team is made up of lovely, hard working people from different cultures & backgrounds.